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About Charles R White Construction Inc.

Our company has its roots firmly based in Jacksonville and North Florida.  We began our services to homeowners back in the early 1980s.  The company has evolved over the years from doing repairs to renovations and new construction for both residential and small business customers.  Our focus is in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with an occasional new construction project in the mix., most recently we completed a home located very close to the Yellowstone River in the Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, MT.


Our Process

Most projects will begin with a consultation to discuss your vision and budget.  


Preconstruction Design

The focus of the initial meeting is to determine the scope of your project and to go over plans and your overall budget.


Design & Construction Estimate

After the scope of work has been determined we will prepare our bid proposal for your consideration.

On-Site Consultations

As your project moves to production, on-site meetings will be requested as needed to work out details.

The Finishing


Finish detail selections should be chosen as early as possible to potential supply issues.  Our goal is to provide a finished project that fulfills the vision.  


General Notes

Projects vary greatly in size, cost, and scope but the planning process is much the same overall.  

  • The client will meet with us to convey the scope of project

  • Determine level of finish

  • Determine project budget

  • Set project time constraints and establish timeline including when final selections must be provided.  

  • Discuss the potential for unavoidable project delays due to supply chain constraints and related expectations in dealing with it should it become an issue on project.

Tell us about your project today.

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